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How long does it take to get approved for a loan?

Approval times are controlled by the lender. We work with you to help select a lender that is competitive and quick, particularly if you are purchasing a house. We minimise the chance of you losing that house to another buyer.

How secure is our Data?

We use the latest software and technologies available to us. We encourage you to transmit all sensitive data via a secure Portal where you will have access to your loan file. Details of our providers can be obtained by contacting us

What happens after a loan application is submitted to a lender by you?

We actively monitor, manage and facilitate all communications from the lender for you from the time of an application through to after settlement. Settlement is when you get the keys to your home 🙂 or when your refinance is complete.

How much do you charge to arrange a loan?

In many cases we do not need to charge a fee for our services however if we need to we will customise fees to suit your particular requirements. For example, If your situation is complex, such as borrowing in a Corporate Entity or you require us to renew Pre-approval applications then we would provide you with a Quote prior to you committing to working with us.

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