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FTF Enquiry function and Contact Us Terms & Conditions

Further to the general Terms & Conditions of use for the FTF website, the following apply:

The enquiry form (including any associated calculators) is provided by FTF to enable you to contact us with detailed information about your financial circumstances so that we may complete a thorough and meaningful assessment of your financial options with minimal inconvenience for you. By using the FTF enquiry function you agree to the following additional terms and conditions:

- That the information provided will be stored in an electronic database for retrieval at your request and that this information will form the basis of a loan application if you give us permission in writing to proceed.
- If you submit a question to FTF for a manual response, an e-mail address must be provided.
- That FTF will not store or use the e-mail address for any purpose, other than to reply to your question, unless you elect to be registered for other services on offer.
- That your contact details can be removed by e-mailing us at placing UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.